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Your Friday Smile

Thank you!

One of the sweetest smiles on earth.

Happy Friday, everyone.


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Africa 2007 Esther

The children that we meet through Pediatric AIDS Canada are an amazing bunch.  Brave, welcoming, fun.  And sometimes, their stories can just break your heart.

Like little Esther.  She was  born HIV+.  Her mother died of AIDS when she was just a baby.  Her father couldn’t face the burden of raising an HIV+ child, so he threw her out with the garbage and left her to die.

Miraculously, someone heard her cries and opened their heart and home to her.  Through Pediatric AIDS Canada, she receives an antibiotic that protects HIV+ children against opportunistic infections and delays the need to start ARV therapy. 

When the time comes, she will receive ARVs through us as well.

I am so grateful to the woman who rescued this precious little girl and gave her a new life.

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Waiting Room St Mary's Mission

I found a fairly distressing report from AIDSmap news this morning.  Fewer than one in five people with HIV in Kenya and Malawi know they are infected.  The implications of this are heart-breaking.

The good news is that awareness is starting to build.  And there are dedicated people working hard on the solution.

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Little girl in doorway

I don’t think I’ve introduced you to the little girl in our banner have I?

I met her the day I visited St. Therese House of Hope in the Rift Valley.  She had only arrived there a little while before, malnourished and weak.  But she was getting lots of love and good food.

I have no doubts that if I went back today I’d hardly recognize her.  At that age, a bit of care makes such a difference!

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St. Mary's Mission Hospital

I found an interesting article from IRIN news this morning on the challenges facing PMTCT programmes in Namibia.

While we don’t have any partners in Namibia yet, the challenges are very similar in Kenya and Uganda.  And, as in many parts of Africa, progress is being made.

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It’s Friday.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I could use a smile.

Meet Gloria.  She wants to be a journalist.  And she is so grateful to the donors who make it possible for her to have dreams for the future.

And frankly, so am I.

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 On the Road to St. Mary's Mission Hospital

Rob Crilly is a freelance journalist who has been living in Nairobi for the last few years.  As he packs up to leave, he’s evaluating his time there. 

This article made me smile.  I only spent a month in Kenya, but it has a way of attaching itself to your heart.

The “How are you?” inquiry was  a particular favourite of mine.  The man who ran the gift shop of one of the hotels I stayed in explained that in most of Africa, no conversation starts without it.  And if you try, people will think you’re being very rude.

Amazing the cultural differences in this world.  I picked up “How are you?” so enthusiastically that I keep starting conversations here at home with it.  Much to the annoyance of the busy vendors at our local farmers’ market.

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