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Your Friday Smile

two friends

Find a friend and have some fun this weekend.  If these two can do it…


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Visiting in Mombasa

Zaheen Nanji recently visited people with HIV/AIDS through our partner in  Mombasa.  The experience moved her deeply and she has decided to make donations to Pediatric AIDS Canada and the American Foundation for Children with AIDS.

I am so touched by her generosity.  Thank you Zaheen.

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Your Friday Smile

Mercy and Miriam

It’s been one of those weeks here.  So it’s nice to share a smile with you!

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A Happy Friday Post


It’s been a busy day in the office, but I wanted to be sure to stop by, give you a smile and wish you a happy Friday!

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Pediatric AIDS Canada's Drugs in Mombasa

I love this article on the ONE blog

The bad news is that most of the G8 is falling behind on the promises they made to Africa in 2005.  The good news is that Canada is surpassing our targets, especially in the areas of basic education, health, agriculture and food security.

Pediatric AIDS Canada can take care of one little piece of the puzzle – providing antiretroviral medicines to children with AIDS.  It’s good to know our own government is doing their part, too.

There’s a long way to go, but the only way to get there is to build on the good work that’s already being done.

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Playing with a yellow balloonSome days, everything seems to happen at once.  When it does, I want to be here, playing with these kids again.

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I was so pleased to read the announcement that the Ugandan government is going to distribute free, insecticide-treated bed nets to every Ugandan.

Right now, malaria is the number one cause of death in Uganda.  Children with AIDS are especially vulnerable to this mosquito-borne disease.  A treated bed net will give a child a better chance at life.

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